Specialty Transport offers a variety of services that are available 24 hours a day. We can support all types of people whether they have specialized needs or not, or need short or long distance transport. Whether you need a ride to work, transport to a hospital, or need to be dropped off at the airport, we're there for you! On this page we showcase some of the services we provide.

Disabled / Specialized Needs

disabled and specialized needs transport

We have wheelchairs and geriatric chairs. Oxygen is available in all handicap vans.

Nursing Home Transport

transport to and from nursing homes

Transport for nursing home residents to activities, vacations, and family visits.

Hospital Visits

transport to the hospital

We'll get you to the hospital safely and securely and pick you up when discharged.

Medical Appointments

transport to medical appointments

Courteous and on time delivery of you and your loved ones to medical appointments.

Taxi Services

taxis services

Yellow cab services for Lincoln county here to serve your transportation needs.

Group Transport

group transport

Have your group arrive together on schedule with our group transportation service.

Special Events

special event transport

Don't miss out on important events! We'll get you there without any hassle.

Personal Travel

personal travel

Don't want to leave your car at the airport? We'll take you there and pick you up!

Business Travel

business travel

We'll get you to the airport on time and pick you up when you are arriving in NC.

Specialized Transport

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